Commercialisation Agency Manchester

We help shopping centres to boost their footfall, increase their revenue and customer engagement through commercialisation.

Maximising the potential of your shopping centre floor space is key when trying to engage new customers, and develop meaningful relationships with existing shoppers. Shopping centre commercialisation offers a unique solution, in that it is a versatile marketing technique which can be tailored to the needs of your centre, helping you to achieve your goals. 

As a shopping centre commercialisation agency in Manchester (our home town nonetheless), catering to the wider North West area and beyond, we know the mall scene like the back of our hand and can aid you in boosting your revenue, foot traffic and potential through various marketing strategies.

What is a Commercialisation Agency?

A commercialisation agency such as ourselves work with multiple brands and shopping centres to devise tailored commercialisation strategies, guaranteed to create unforgettable experiences for shoppers in Manchester. There are many ways we can help your mall employ commercialisation to suit your marketing objectives. This includes, but is not limited to:

For over two decades, we have assisted shopping centres and brands in piquing the interest of customers in Manchester, providing innovative and unique ideas to set your centre apart from the competition using promotional spaces. To see some of our past commercialisation work, why not check out our case studies below?

Benefits of a Commercialisation Agency in Manchester

Having unused space in your Manchester shopping centre is a case of wasted potential. By incorporating commercialisation into your marketing strategy, you can optimise your space and attract extra revenue without having to extend your space. Whether it be by including pop-up shops, kiosks or RMUs, there are various ways for you to boost your income – and an agency will find the best ones for you.

By providing an exciting and new experience for shoppers through commercialisation, you’ll inherently increase the amount of time they spend in your centre. For example, having a rotation of seasonal events all year round is bound to keep attracting important customers who enjoy a unique experience when they’re out browsing.

It may be difficult to get new brands in and out of your brick and mortar units, but that’s not the case when it comes to shopping centre commercialisation in Manchester. Thanks to their flexibility, centres can find which temporary units are aligned with customer needs and requirements. This enables you to have the edge over your competitors, and allows you to broaden your mall offerings to consumers.

The adaptability of shopping centre commercialisation in Manchester means that you can jump on the latest trends quickly and increase your mall visitors on a daily basis! We can help you promote your limited edition offerings on digital platforms as part of your cross-platform, integrated strategy also, ensuring a boosted footfall.

Hosting seasonal events can be a great way of intriguing your local customers, but also shoppers who are further afield. Whether it be through cosy, wintery food samples, Easter Egg hunts, popular film releases and more, the options are endless. In doing so, we can help you improve your engagement with shoppers and encourage them to spread the word.

Having operated within the shopping centre space for decades, we know what it takes to create an impactful and exciting experience for shoppers. Working with a commercialisation agency in Manchester like ourselves ensures that you have the very best people on board to help grow your business successfully.

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