Shopping Centre Marketing

Creative unique experiences for your shoppers

Building engagement, loyalty & understanding

The Shopping Centre Marketing Specialists

From immersive events to engaging promotions, we specialise in creating unforgettable moments that drive consumer engagement and increase shopping centre footfall. 

Boost Footfall

By hosting a regular series of events shopping centres ensure they are giving their shoppers a new reason to visit every time. Events naturally generate interest from shoppers and can be fundamental in drawing in larger numbers.

Get to know your customers

Events give you the opportunity to interact with shoppers while also getting to know them better as a demographic. Events can be used to help centres gather information on customers’ needs and wants, from gauging interest for different brands or products, to generating ideas for future events. This type of information is invaluable as it allows you to see what is and isn’t working and therefore make sure their future efforts will be more effective.

Build a presence and increase exposure

To drive footfall customers need to know what you have to offer, they need a reason to come to your centre over your competitors. That reason needs to be more than just your retail offering. We can develop a strategy that incorporates the full marketing mix and uses various channels to talk to your existing and targeted customers. We help you build your brand and presence through creative that is designed to attract the demographics suited to your place. Working with local stakeholders and through the correct advertising and communication channels we help you gain exposure of your centre.

Increase customer loyalty

Our marketing strategies drive customer loyalty through building relationships with the wider stakeholder community. This can be through footfall driving events, talking to your customers through direct marketing, building wider community relationships and creating a reason to visit the centre. We understand places and the need for customer loyalty.