Aligning with the Spirit of the Six Nations in Edinburgh: A Thriving Marketing Campaign

In the vibrant context of the Six Nations,

we orchestrated a dynamic marketing campaign in Edinburgh that not only resonated with shoppers but also forged a unique collaboration with Malones Irish Bar, who occupied a coveted space on the rooftop. This multifaceted event brought together various elements, including children’s sporting activities, a robust social media engagement strategy, and effective PR initiatives. Additionally, the event featured large screens broadcasting Six Nations action and live music performances, all set against the backdrop of the city’s skyline from the rooftop venue. This collaborative campaign has yielded remarkable results, including an enthusiastic commitment from the bar to extend their presence on the rooftop, a noticeable surge in income, and the establishment of valuable relationships with the Scottish Blue Rugby Union.

A Multilayered Approach:

Engaging Shoppers: Our campaign was meticulously designed to resonate with the vibrant energy surrounding the Six Nations. We engaged shoppers through a series of captivating activities that embraced the spirit of the tournament, ensuring they felt connected to the event on a personal level.

Synergy with Malones Irish Bar: A pivotal aspect of our campaign was the partnership with Malones Irish Bar, which set up shop on the rooftop. This collaboration not only enriched the overall experience but also created a compelling synergy that heightened the event’s appeal.

Diverse Activities: To cater to a broad audience, we curated children’s sporting activities that added a family-friendly dimension to the campaign. This inclusivity extended the event’s reach and fostered a sense of community.

Digital Engagement: Our social media strategy was executed with precision, driving online engagement and expanding the event’s footprint beyond its physical boundaries. Through strategic online activities, we amplified the event’s impact and reach.

PR Initiatives: Effective public relations efforts further amplified the campaign’s visibility and message, garnering attention from both local and broader audiences. The event’s unique elements attracted media coverage, enhancing its reputation.

Rooftop Extravaganza: The rooftop setting, complete with large screens broadcasting Six Nations matches and live music performances, created an electrifying atmosphere that captivated attendees and underscored the event’s festive spirit.


Tangible Outcomes:

The success of our Six Nations-inspired campaign is evident in several key outcomes:

Extended Rooftop Presence: The campaign’s triumph has led to an enthusiastic decision by Malones Irish Bar to continue their presence on the rooftop. This extension speaks to the event’s resonance and positive impact on their business.

Financial Uptick: The campaign’s effectiveness is further underscored by the notable surge in income it generated. The fusion of exciting activities, live entertainment, and rooftop ambiance contributed to increased revenue.

Strengthened Relationships: The event facilitated valuable connections, particularly with the Scottish Blue Rugby Union. These relationships are poised to yield future opportunities and collaborations, bolstering our network and influence in the sports community.

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