Shopping centres are integral parts of their local community, helping to positively shape the area by utilising its existing assets and promoting the centre as a central hub.

One way that shopping centres are doing this is through hosting a regular series of shopping centre events that benefit the local community by bringing in new experiences.

As a shopping centre events company, we offer a bespoke shopping centre events service that can include the following:

  • Event design and planning
  • Marketing and PR
  • Event management


Boost Footfall

By hosting a regular series of events shopping centres ensure they are giving their shoppers a new reason to visit every time. Events naturally generate interest from shoppers and can be fundamental in drawing in larger numbers.

Get To Know Your Customers

Events allow centres to interact with their shoppers while also getting to know them better as a demographic. Events can be used to help centres gather information on customers’ needs and wants, from gauging interest for different brands or products to generating ideas for future events themselves.  This type of information is invaluable for centres as it allows them to see what is and isn’t working and therefore make sure their future efforts will be more effective.

Build A Presence and Increase Exposure

If a centre hosts regular events this will automatically build up a presence in the minds of their shoppers. While one particular event may catch the shopper’s interest, maintaining a full calendar of events means a centre can ensure they remain at the forefront of the shopper’s thoughts. Even if shoppers can’t attend the event, artwork such as posters will promote it throughout the centre. Events can also drive PR for the centre.

Increase Customer Loyalty

By holding regular events, centres are providing shoppers with repeat reasons to return. The more shoppers return to a centre the more the centre can build and nurture their relationship with them. This therefore strengthens shopper loyalty to the centre and encourages customers to recommend the centre to others.


Empty Units?

No one wants empty units in Shopping Centres. Not only can they be off putting for shoppers but they can also have a knock on effect on the income of the other shops.


We believe that an empty unit can represent huge opportunities. If landlords can be flexible and willing to adapt their approach they can use empty units within a Centre as a way to diversify their offer and attract a wider range of shoppers.

Bespoke Packages

In order to help landlords achieve this we offer bespoke packages that help transform empty units into anything but empty; from a community library to an art exhibition featuring work from local artists or even dedicated event space, we have experience supplying a number of different empty unit transformations.

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