Shopping Centre Kiosks

Our shopping centre kiosks can help to massively boost interaction and interest with potential customers.

Shopping centre kiosks, similar to Retail Merchandising Units (RMUs), are an important part of commercialisation, with many shopping malls across the country utilising them to create promotional space in its walkways. Through increasing footfall, customer engagement and shopping centre income, kiosks are cost-effective ways of promoting both your brand and the shopping mall. 

At Shoppertainment Management, we specialise in filling empty shopping centre space with a wide range of visually appealing kiosks, covering a variety of sectors such as food, beauty, photography, technology, lockers and much more.

What are Kiosks in Shopping Centres?

Similar to RMUs, shopping centre kiosks are standalone booths within the walkways of shopping centres which are used to engage with passing shoppers. Created to be more informal and simple in their design, mall kiosks provide vendors with the flexibility otherwise unavailable to them in a larger bricks and mortar retail venue. Not only are shopping mall kiosks great for adaptability, they are also a more affordable option due to the fewer overheads required to run them.

Kiosks can be used in tandem with other aspects of shopping centre commercialisation, such as brand activations and experiential marketing for example for a well-rounded marketing strategy. We have plenty of experience working with various big-name brands and have helped them to create their perfect kiosks to boost their shoppers’ experience. To learn more about our past work, check out our case studies here.

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    Benefits of Shopping Centre Kiosks

    For The Vendor

    What better way to engage with new prospective customers than on the shopping centre floor? With such a high daily footfall, shopping malls enable you to maximise your pool of potential customers day in, day out. And, with your increased visibility, you will benefit from interacting with said shoppers on a 360-degree basis.

    RMUs are much preferred to the traditional shop front as it requires less commitment. With shorter time periods and fewer overheads, RMUs are an attractive option when on a budget. It also enables you to change your offerings in line with seasonal events or a change in shopper demands easily.

    Particularly important for seasonal offerings, you can customise and adapt your shopping centre kiosk according to your needs. This helps you keep on top of current trends and allows your product offerings to be relevant to the right people. Not only this, but you won’t have to commit to lengthy rental periods either.

    For The Centre

    Centres can gain additional income through introducing kiosks to the mall floor. With the kiosks operating within previously unused space, the rent gained is surplus, meaning landlords can maximise their property’s revenue.

    Kiosks and RMUs are managed through our team meaning that they require less management from the shopping centre itself. This allows for landlords to reap increased revenue without having to devote a lot of resources.

    By renting various kiosks to multiple different retailers, you’re giving your shopping centre the competitive edge. Having a selection of kiosks and RMUs on offer will only help to attract new customers and let you stand out from the competition.

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    If you think that a kiosk could suit your business and help it grow, why not contact the team at Shoppertainment Management today? With years of industry experience, we are the people to come to with your kiosk and promotional space questions. Get in touch today!