Shopping Centre Promotional Space

Shoppertainment manages mall space lettings for shopping centre clients across the UK.

We work by proactively selling unused space within the mall environment. We constantly supply new and innovative services and products to improve the shoppers’ experience.

Mall letting spaces provide a fantastic opportunity for brands to attract a wide range of shoppers, increase engagement with customers and help your brand stand out from the crowd.

Combined with a cohesive marketing strategy, including experiential marketing, brand activations, digital marketing and more, your shopping centre promotional space will be a central hub for customers to engage with your brand in person.

What Are Shopping Centre Promotional Spaces? 

Shopping centre promotional spaces are key ways for retailers to appeal to new customers in an innovative, cost-effective manner. Stalls like pop-up shops to rent, Retail Merchandising Units (RMUs) and kiosks allow you to be quick in your setup and create an instant buzz around your brand within the shopping centre space. With steady, high footfalls within our shopping centre spaces, you can increase your visibility and connect with new customers easily.

We have decades of experience within the shopping centre promotional sector, with plenty of case studies to showcase our work with various household names like Cadbury, Nintendo and many more. Suitable for brands across so many different industries, our promotional spaces can be flexible based on how big or small you’d like them to be.

The Benefits Of Shopping Centre Promotional Spaces

With fewer people needed to run your promotional space in a shopping centre, you’ll be spending less on overheads and rental costs in comparison to a traditional storefront. This helps you to keep your cost low, and maximise your profit too.

Being right in the centre of the shopping centre floor means that you can easily interact with potential new customers. Things like samples and interactive activities can boost your customer interaction and help stick into their minds, overriding competitors.

Being exposed to shoppers on a 360 degree basis makes your brand visible to shoppers no matter which direction they are walking in. Helping to maximise your exposure massively increases your chances of interacting with new and existing customers.

The beauty of our promotional spaces is that they are adaptable to fit your current business goals and needs. Unlike a bricks and mortar store, you can be flexible and adaptable in how you market yourselves to customers passing by.

Learn More About Promotional Spaces in Shopping Centres!

If you think renting a shopping centre promotional space could help you to maximise your business potential, get in touch with us! Our team are always here to help answer any questions and find the ideal solution for you. Send us an email below and we will be in touch to discuss your options.