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One of the largest cities in the North of England, Manchester is home to a bustling high street with hundreds of shops, bars and shopping centres. Making your brand stand out amongst this can be tricky, but that is where an experiential marketing agency in Manchester can help! Experiential marketing Manchester, as the name suggests, allows brands to provide an experience to the customers, one they will never forget! Increase engagement and brand recall for months to come.

What is Experiential Marketing in Manchester?

Experiential Marketing provides an immersive experience for shoppers across Manchester. These events can attract shoppers towards your shopping centre and create positive, long-lasting impressions of your centre for months to come. Shoppers from across the UK and the globe flock to Manchester and therefore experiential marketing provides an opportunity for brands and shopping centres to connect with new and existing customers in a new and exciting way.

The event you hold can be tailored to your branding and the occasion, for example, pop-up shops, demonstrations, family events, virtual experiences or seasonal events (such as Santa Grotto or Easter Egg Hunts). With over 30 years of experience, we have held many successful events for shopping centres across the UK and have a deep understanding of what makes a successful event. Take a look at some of our previous experiential events here.

Benefits of Experiential Marketing for your Manchester Shopping Centre

Experiential Marketing in Manchester has so many great benefits for both shopping centres and brands alike, including:

Experiential marketing is all about providing an interactive experience so naturally this lends itself well to increasing the customers engagement with the brand. When a customer actively interacts with a brand, they are much more likely to purchase from the brand and remember the brand in future.

When there is an activity happening within your centre, shoppers are much more likely to stop and interact, or at least have a look at what is going on. This can double or even triple the dwell time and increase the number of shoppers in your centre. As word gets out about the activity, more shoppers who may not have planned on visiting the centre may want to get involved, further increasing footfall.

There are so many great brands out there, offering great products, so it is essential that you find new ways for your brand to stand out. Experiential marketing in Manchester shopping centres enables this, but also allows you to reach customers you wouldn’t have done normally. Building a relationship with these prospective customers face to face is key in creating new brand advocates!

Manchester has many different shopping centres so staying competitive and offering something different is key when attracting shoppers. Experiential marketing in Manchester will make your centre stand out from the rest and adapt to changing customer demands.

Want to learn more about experiential marketing in Manchester?

With over 30 years of experience working with the largest shopping centres in Manchester, we have a wealth of experience and can make your next shopping centre event a success. Our friendly team are ready and waiting to help you increase your footfall, brand awareness and revenue! So, why not get in touch? You can contact us directly via phone or email.