Flavourful Fusion: Branston Pickle’s ‘Please the Cheese’ Sampling Tour”

Branston Pickle, the beloved sweet condiment

cherished by families across the UK, embarked on its “Please the Cheese” sampling tour as a pivotal component of its broader marketing strategy. The primary goal was to solidify the brand’s identity as the “ultimate cheese companion.”


This initiative aimed to amplify the achievements of the “Please The Cheese” campaign, bringing to life the relatable character of Mr. Cheddar, the down-to-earth hero from the TV advertisement. At each event, Mr. Cheddar warmly greeted attendees, offering delectable samples and tapping into the nation’s deep-seated affection for cheese. Encouraging them to participate, consumers were encouraged to snap photos and share them on Instagram, using the hashtag #PleaseTheCheese.


These events provided consumers with an opportunity to savour various offerings from Branston’s pickle and chutney product lines, all accompanied by the delightful pairing of Cathedral City cheese and Jacob’s crackers, courtesy of the Branston sampling van. With a remarkable distribution of up to 5,000 samples daily, Branston’s sampling endeavour aspires to connect with over two million consumers in total. The ultimate objective is to recruit a new generation of pickle enthusiasts, rekindling their appreciation for the mouthwatering combination of cheese and pickle.

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Branston tasting event