Retail Merchandising Units (RMUs) in Shopping Centres

Capitalise on footfall in the UK’s largest shopping centres with retail merchandising units.

At Shoppertainment, we have years of experience when it comes to shopping centre commercialisation and a large part of what we do is Retail Merchandising Units (or RMUs). 

A shopping centre retail merchandising unit is a small unit or kiosk, situated in the centre of shopping malls. They are a chance for the centre to offer their shoppers new and exciting products or services, whilst the brand themselves can benefit from the exposure being situated in these high traffic areas can bring.

What are Retail Merchandising Units (RMUs)?

Often, the empty space in the walkways of shopping centres can make the centre look and feel empty, which in turn can put many shoppers off even entering the shopping mall in the first place. One popular way to combat this is with retail merchandising units (RMUs). Situated in high-traffic areas, the RMUs are small units, kiosks or booths in which shoppers can interact with the company on a 1-2-1 basis. This more personal, intimate interaction has many benefits for both the shopper, company and centre which we cover below.

As a retail merchandising units company, we are able to offer years of expertise, creating commercialisation strategies which will engage customers and booth revenues for a guaranteed return. We have worked with many household names, including Nintendo, LEGO and Cadbury’s to name a few. You can see all our case studies here. With bespoke packages and a team of dedicated professionals, we are your perfect partner when it comes to introducing RMUs into your marketing strategy.

Benefits of Retail Merchandising Units

For The Vendor

Shopping centres are extremely popular within the UK. They offer a shopping experience you cannot achieve on the high street or online, often combining shopping with food and drink and other commodities. In fact, 78% of shoppers will visit shopping centres at least once a week. With an RMU, you can benefit from increased brand awareness and revenue by capitalising on this traffic.

RMUs are much preferred to the traditional shop front as it requires less commitment. With shorter time periods and fewer overheads, RMUs are an attractive option when on a budget and thinking about renting promotional space. It also enables you to change your offerings in line with seasonal events or a change in shopper demands easily.

For The Centre

Making your shopping centre unique is a challenge faced by many across the UK. By adding RMUs into your unused space and inviting in new and unique vendors, you can immediately offer something your competitors cannot. You know your customers better than anyone and therefore are able to invite vendors who are in line with your branding as a centre and will offer your shopper an enriched shopping experience.

Empty space in your centre can instantly bring down the mood and feel of a centre and will have a huge impact on how prospective shoppers view your centre. By filling this space, you are not only creating a more welcoming and vibrant atmosphere for shoppers, but you can also generate revenue from this space you were not previously utilising.

Learn More About Retail Merchandising Units for Sale and Rent

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