Short-Term Retail Space For Rent

Do you need to temporarily rent retail space in a shopping centre? Shoppertainment can provide you with a solution!

The team at Shoppertainment Management have been renting out short-term retail space within the shopping centre environment for decades. We regularly offer new and exciting services and products to improve the shoppers’ experience – including pop-up shops to rent.

What Are Short-Term Retail Spaces To Rent?

We have been operating within shopping centre spaces for over three decades, meaning we are experts in dealing with a constant flow of retailers renting unused spaces.

We understand that it can be a big risk for retailers to permanently rent a mall space in case it doesn’t work out financially, the location is not right for the company and so on. A solution to this is short-term retail spaces to rent, ensuring that you can test the waters and see if this retail space is suited to your business needs.

Short-term retail spaces to rent can be an ideal choice for numerous retailers and are often enticing to retailers who are growing their company and are not able to commit to a long-term lease.

In addition, pop-up shops to rent are extremely popular solutions for businesses who want to keep overheads down, but still want to promote themselves within a new shopping centre space in the short-term. Alongside various marketing techniques such as kiosks, experiential marketing, commercialisation, digital marketing and more, there are several ways to boost your company’s presence whilst renting a short-term retail space.

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    Benefits of Short-Term Retail Spaces

    Especially if you’ve never sold within a shopping centre space before, it can have a big impact on your sales and revenue due to the steady flow of consumers passing through your retail space. As a new offering within the shopping centre space, customers are likely to visit your store to see what new experience you can provide them with.

    Permanently owning a retail space can be extremely costly for many businesses. Having a short-term rental contract can help you budget for the space accurately and help you plan accordingly. In addition, short-term rentals will also help you to decide how many staff members are required to keep the day-to-day business running smoothly.

    As a retailer, there’s no doubt that marketing yourselves will result in many cases of trial and error, and locations are no different! Short-term retail spaces allow you to experiment which location works best for you, without the long-term commitment. If it works, then you may think about it in the long-run, but if it doesn’t, then you can consider changing your strategy. 

    Whether you’re renting a pop-up shop or a physical store, you’ll be given ample opportunity to trial new products and create a buzz around them in your new location. Customers who frequent the shopping centre will be intrigued by all the excitement, and will help you to boost your footfall in the process.

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    Renting a short-term retail space could be the perfect next step for your business. Our team is always on hand to help answer questions and find the ideal solution for you.

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