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Bring two way interaction and physical immersion to shoppers throughout the UK.

Experiential marketing is sometimes called event marketing or engagement marketing. Essentially, it is marketing that directly engages with the consumer and actively encourages them to interact with a brand.


Broadening Experience: Brands are under increasing pressure to create something that stands out from the crowd. By creating interactive experiences marketers can provide consumers with a chance to interact with the brand face to face. Therefore this allows them to better understand the brands values and leaves a lasting impact on them. Consequently, consumers will be more inclined to share this experience and spread the brand’s message to previously unreached audiences.

Increasing Engagement with Consumers: Experiential marketing is about ensuring the way consumers interact with brands is active and engaging. Therefore, this naturally lends itself to high levels of consumer engagement. When consumers actively engage with a brand they become more likely to continue using that brand, thereby increasing customer retention and loyalty.

Increase Brand Exposure: In such a competitive industry, brands need to find innovative, new ways to stand out from the crowd and attract new customers while effectively communicating with the ones they already have. Experiential marketing creates positive association between a brand and its customers. This therefore gives them something they can’t help but talk about, increasing your brand exposure through word of mouth.

Increases Footfall and Dwell Time: Due to the unusual nature of experiential marketing, it will draw in new customers who are curious to see the new thing that’s popped up. And, because experiential marketing requires customers to actively interact with the installation, their dwell time will also increase.

Offering Something Different: In order to stay ahead of competition and remain current, it is important that shopping centres offer something different that customers can’t get anywhere else. By embracing experiential marketing shopping centres can move beyond their traditional role and begin to offer a unique leisure experience. This will help to establish them from their competitors and adapt to changing customer demands.


We help brands target their specific audiences on a UK wide scale.

Whether it’s a new product launch or a brand wants to reach out to new audiences, we are experts at integrating brand and retail experiences whilst capitalising on mall promotional space.

Brands are constantly on the lookout for new areas to target and shopping centres are always searching for the next big thing to bring to consumers.

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