Experiential Marketing

We are experienced in making brands well-known to the right target audiences from the very beginning.

As an event marketing agency, understand that experiential marketing is an important tool for raising awareness of brands and creating interest. We can deliver experiences that inspire and delight thereby driving brand loyalty. Combined with commercialisation, PR & digital marketing, creative and more, Shoppertainment can aid you in creating a fantastic brand impression. 

Shoppertainment helps brands acquire and influence customers in complex and competitive environments. We understand all of our locations’ demographic, from Manchester, to London and can therefore anticipate how shoppers will react to a brand. We take care of the full shopper experience and work hard to ensure a smooth process.

What is an Experiential Marketing Agency?

As an experiential marketing agency, Shoppertainment Management are well-equipped to supply your brand with the right tools to make that important good impression.

Experiential marketing specifically relates to the strategy of engaging your consumers in an immersive experience, helping to harbour long-lasting connections between both parties. 

Experiential marketing can vary widely depending on your industry; for example, a beauty brand may use sampling and demonstrations as a form of experiential marketing, whereas a tech brand may use VR to create that exciting virtual experience.

It is crucial to think about what your brand has to offer which is engaging and uniquely, especially in a crowded market. This is why experiential marketing can give your business that edge, and help stay in the forefront of consumers’ minds.

For over 10 years, Shoppertainment Management have been helping shopping centres, brands and shoppers to maximise their experiences through experiential marketing. We are ready to help you take your company to the next level, as we have done with so many clients already. 

Explore our previous case studies here, or get in touch with our team to find out more.

Benefits of Using an Experiential Marketing Agency

Brands are under increasing pressure to create something that stands out from the crowd. By creating interactive experiences, marketers can provide consumers with a chance to interact with the brand face to face. This allows them to better understand the brand’s values and leaves a lasting impact on them. Consequently, consumers will be more inclined to share this experience and spread the brand’s message to previously unreached audiences.

In such a competitive industry, brands need to find innovative, new ways to stand out from the crowd and attract new customers, while effectively communicating with the ones they already have. Experiential marketing creates positive association between a brand and its customers. This therefore gives them something they can’t help but talk about, increasing your brand exposure through word of mouth.

Experiential marketing is about ensuring the way consumers interact with brands is active and engaging. Therefore, this naturally lends itself to high levels of consumer engagement. When consumers actively engage with a brand they become more likely to continue using that brand, thereby increasing customer retention and loyalty.

Due to the unusual nature of experiential marketing, it will draw in new customers who are curious to see the new thing which has popped up. And, because experiential marketing requires customers to actively interact with the installation, their dwell time will also increase. It’s a natural attention-grabber!

Interested in learning more about our Marketing Services?

As well as being an award-winning experiential marketing agency, we offer different types of marketing such as: shopping centre commercialisation, corporate creative PR & marketing but to name a few. We have been working within shopping centre spaces for years, so we can create a bespoke marketing strategy for your brand to maximise its potential. 

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