Digital Marketing

At Shoppertainment Management, we are experienced in creating effective digital marketing strategies using multiple marketing channels.

In an age where marketing your business on the digital landscape is so important, it’s key that you come to an experienced digital marketing company who can help your company grow and develop. 

Our priority is recommending successful digital marketing strategies which will result in engaging and innovative campaigns. These campaigns will help you to gain maximum coverage, achieve results and help you to meet your business goals.

We have a deep-rooted understanding of how integrated campaigns can be most effective. Not only are different digital marketing channels something to consider, but you must also think about how your digital marketing strategy will align with other marketing plans. Whether it be through commercialisation, PR campaigns, experiential marketing or brand activations, we are equipped with the right tools to incorporate digital marketing into your shopping centre marketing strategy seamlessly.

What Does Our Digital Marketing Service Include?

As part of our digital marketing service, we include the management of a number of different marketing types:

Website Design and Build

We will create a modern website which encapsulates all your core brand values, showcase your brand identity and provide your business with a foundation wherein you can build up customer loyalty and engagement.

Email Marketing

An equally important part of digital marketing, email marketing is a powerful channel which allows you to directly share and promote your business to the right people.

Event Promotion & Extension

If you have an event coming up, don’t worry about promoting it - that’s something we can provide! Increase your event attendance and engagement with the help of our digital marketing.

Social Media Management

A crucial part of marketing nowadays, social media management is key to getting your brand out there and in the mind of your consumer. Covering multiple different social media platforms, we are experienced in creating engaging content.

Digital Advertising

Working across multiple platforms in various formats, we offer digital advertising as part of our digital marketing service. Whether you are promoting your brand, your product and so on, digital advertising is essential.

Benefits Of Our Digital Marketing Service

Undoubtedly, digital marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways of growing your business and getting the exposure you need to get to the next level. By reaching thousands of potential customers online, you can expand your pool and reach customers who may have never encountered your business before.

Once you have expanded your customer base, you can begin to use digital marketing capabilities to narrow your target audience. Whether it be through interests or location, you can market your business online in a whole new way compared to traditional marketing techniques.

Using digital marketing to gain awareness of your brand is a must. Making sure that your brand’s name is out there amongst competitors will help customers to learn about you, and potentially come back to you in the future. Various digital marketing channels allow you to create that lasting impression. 

In comparison to traditional marketing, digital marketing is measurable, and therefore you can track the growth of your business using important metrics. This way, you can monitor which channels are impacting your business most significantly – whether that be positively or negatively.

Want to learn more about service?

Website design and building for shopping centres is not the only digital marketing service we provide at Shoppertainment Management. We also provide the following services: PR campaigns, experiential marketing, shopping centre commercialisation, development marketing and many more!

As a company who have been working within the shopping centre space for decades, we are an experienced company ready to create a bespoke marketing strategy for your business to optimise its potential. 

To discover how your brand can benefit from our marketing services, contact our friendly team today.