Rent Space in a Shopping Centre

Rent Retail Marketing Units, Food Trucks and Kiosks in Shopping centres across the country.

Shopping centres up and down the country are some of the most high-traffic areas available to vendors. Often, the walkways in shopping centres go unused and therefore earning potential for both the vendor and the shopping centre is reduced. 

With rent space in shopping centres up and down the country, our shopping centre commercialisation team can help you capitalise on a captive market of shoppers without the large overheads and lack of flexibility a traditional storefront brings.

Capitalise on Footfall with Kiosks, RMUs and Booths

As we have mentioned, many of the walk-ways within shopping centres are open spaces, where thousands of shoppers will commute through. These empty areas can be utilised much more effectively through retail merchandising units and kiosks.

The kiosks and retail merchandising units (RMUs) we provide here at Shoppertainment can be used to fit any business. From product stands, to food stalls and beauty counters, we can help your business succeed when renting space in a shopping centre.

Examples of services we provide include:

Check out some of our case studies to see how we have helped brands maximise their footfall and revenue!

The Benefits of Renting Space in a Shopping Centre

By renting promotional space in a shopping centre, (such as shopping centre kiosks) you can greatly reduce the overheads that are associated with a traditional storefront.

You can benefit from the high footfall of a shopping centre, especially during peak seasons such as Christmas. Here, you have a captive audience of shoppers who are ready to spend.

With a multitude of different shops, it is rare that a shopping centre attracts just one demographic. Therefore, you can get your brand and your product in front of new demographics you may not have considered to increase sales and brand awareness.

The best part of renting promotional space in a shopping centre is the flexibility. You have the opportunity to rent this space for as long as you desire. In addition, you can quickly adapt to changing customer demands without needing to alter a whole store layout or window display, for example.

Want to rent space in a shopping centre?

With over 25 years of experience, the commercialisation team at Shoppertainment are here to help you grow your business through promotional space in shopping centres.

We have the expertise to find the perfect fit for your  shopping centre.

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