Exhibition Stand Design Agency

We help shopping centres and brands to promote their businesses effectively with eye-catching exhibition stands, perfect for various events.

When marketing yourselves during an exhibition environment, it can sometimes be difficult to set yourself apart from the competition. Working with an experienced exhibition stand design agency, such as ourselves, ensures that your stand concept and design is delivered flawlessly, ready to attract your target audience. 

At Shoppertainment Management, we are experts in creating visually-appealing exhibition stands, taking into account your budget, design preferences, ideas and more. Having worked across several creative departments for shopping centre brands over two decades, including: experiential marketing, commercialisation, digital marketing and pop-up shops to name a few, we are ready to help you take your exhibition presence to the next level.

What is an Exhibition Stand Design Agency?

An exhibition stand design agency is employed to help your brand create visually-compelling and impactful stands to use as business exhibitions, events and more. Standing out from the crowd and making use of the limited space available is a must when in this environment, so it’s key to have the right people on board who can maximise the potential of your exhibition stand.

No matter your brand tone of voice, intended audience or style, we will incorporate our long-standing design skills in creating an exhibition stand which you and your audience will love.

There are numerous ways an exhibition stand design agency can be beneficial to your event presence, as we can take the stress out of the creative side and let you focus on other aspects of your exhibition stand such as product offering, staffing and more.

We can work with you to incorporate your branding style, any products or services you’d like to promote and key unique selling points into your exhibition stand design to produce an area which will attract, inspire and engage.

Benefits of an Exhibition Stand Design Agency

With vast experience in the creative industry and working on exhibition stands for various clients, we have the right skills to promote your brand in a way which is exciting, innovative and forward-thinking. Check out our case studies to see how we have achieved this for previous clients!

One of the biggest reasons for working with an exhibition stand design agency is their ability to craft exhibition stands which will attract the attention of new customers. Especially when in such close proximity to the competition, having a professional exhibition stand will naturally encourage visitors to come to your brand and learn more about your company.

With limited space available, it’s vital you make the most of your exhibition space to fully optimise your show potential. An exhibition stand design agency will help you to use the best techniques to communicate your brand message to visitors in a clear and effective manner, leaving a long-lasting impression on consumers.

We understand that you won’t have the time to design a new stand each time you go to an exhibition, so this is why we ensure all our stands are reusable and can be taken to various shows you may attend. A cost-effective solution which can be used again and again!

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There are several ways that the expert team at Shoppertainment Management can help you to maximise the potential of your exhibition stand.

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