Car Park Promotional Spaces

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Using every available space in your shopping centre is the key to an effective and well-rounded marketing strategy, so why not consider car park promotional spaces? Ranging from branded bus tours, to eye-catching food trucks and even outdoor entertainment for the whole family to enjoy, there are plenty of ways you can increase your centre footfall and revenue all year round.

What Are Car Park Promotional Spaces in Shopping Centres?

Intriguing your consumer as soon as they start their journey into your shopping centre, car park promotional spaces are advertising spaces used to promote brands for seasonal and occasional events. This could be an immersive experience for Christmas, or even a food & drink truck offering samples of new products. Check out our case studies here on Hotel Chocolat, Branston Pickle and Costa to see how they promoted their products using a mobile truck.

Thanks to their adaptability and flexibility, these promotional spaces can be utilised all year round at reduced costs and offer brands a unique opportunity to work their magic. Perfect as part of an experiential marketing strategy, car park promotional spaces allow to utilise more real estate on your shopping centre grounds. Contact us today by phone or email to see how you can maximise your space’s potential!

Benefits of Car Park Promotional Spaces

For The Vendor

For The Centre

Having your brand in the same vicinity where many shoppers will be visiting as they enter and leave the centre will hugely increase visibility and interest. With a steady stream of shoppers coming and going throughout the day, you’ll be sure to catch the eye of many different customers.

As you wouldn’t be renting a bricks and mortar space, you can be extra economical about how you choose to advertise. This can involve fewer bills to pay and fewer overheads, meaning you’re more flexible with your profit.

Whether it be for a seasonal event, or an exciting time in your business, you can adapt the car park promotional space to best fit your purpose. Be in a food truck, an interactive outdoor experience or giving out samples, you can be creative!

Ordinarily, shopping centre car parks would be purely functional spaces for your shoppers. But, with the addition of promotional spaces for vendors, you can optimise the existing areas within your centre and add an exciting edge to all aspects of your mall space.

Passer-bys could have their interest piqued by an exciting promotional space in the car park of your shopping centre, which could lead them to explore your centre further. Naturally, the interest of such interactive events will pull shoppers towards your shopping centre and inherently boost your foot traffic.

Car park promotional spaces are fantastic ways to boost your income, without having to change anything inside your actual shopping centre building. With brands coming and going throughout the year, this creates a steady stream of revenue without too much hassle. 

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