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As an experiential marketing agency working in London for over 25 years, we have consistently crafted unforgettable experiences for shoppers.

Experiential Marketing in London

London’s vibrant, diverse landscape makes it an ideal setting for experiential marketing. The city’s status as a cultural, financial, and media hub attracts a wide array of demographics, providing unique opportunities for brands to engage directly with various consumer segments.

We have worked with many big name brands, using experiential marketing to help make a long-lasting, positive impression on both existing and potential customers alike. In the current age, where online shopping is forever growing in popularity, shopping centres in London must think outside the box and offer more of an experience to shoppers. 

It is this experience, rather than the shops themselves, which will drive up your footfall and your sales. Perfect for any product, service or demographic, experiential marketing and brand activations can be carried out in a number of ways, for example shopping centre events, interactive stalls, photo booths or food trucks. With us, you have the opportunity to create an event bespoke to your branding and your product or service. 

London’s numerous iconic locations and bustling event spaces offer the perfect backdrops for memorable marketing experiences that can dramatically increase brand visibility and interaction.

Benefits of Hiring an Experiential Agency in London

For the Brand 

There is a lot to be said about face-to-face engagement with your customers. This added personification to your brand can help you gain a competitive advantage over your others in your market. Being able to engage first hand with your customers, laugh and have a good time can only work in your favour. Not only will you have gained a customer in them, but they are also more likely to give glowing reviews to their friends and family. 

Meeting customers in person can also allow you to get a better understanding of your customer demographics. Hearing from them what they may like about your product or service, or what they want from you as a brand is valuable qualitative market research. What’s more, you can learn about them as a person, which can feed back into your strategies in other marketing activities.

Creating an event in the heart of a busy London shopping centre can equate to an increase in sales and in exposure. Shopping centres in London attract a wide variety of demographics, of all ages, genders and backgrounds. This can expose your brand to a customer base who you may not have considered a target demographic before.

For the Shopping Centre

For some shoppers in London, a trip to their local shopping centre can be a military style mission: in and out in a flash. By utilising what would otherwise be empty space in your centre, you can capture the attention of stoppers who may stop to see what is going on. Humans are inquisitive in nature, so by utilising an experiential agency in London you can capitalise on this innate drive.

It is not just shoppers who are already in your centre that you can benefit from with an event. For larger events such as seasonal occasions (Santa Grotto, Easter Egg Hunts or Summer Crafts) these can be advertised across various platforms beforehand. In doing so, you can drive potential shoppers to your centre over others in their area and enjoy an increase in footfall during this time. At Shoppertainment, we can aid in creating eye-catching advertorials, posters and social media campaigns about your upcoming events to ensure it gets the attention it deserves.

By employing experiential marketing, a shopping centre can increase their brand awareness in the local area. Becoming a pillar of the community is an effective way to remain present in the lives of your local shoppers and ensure that they become repeat customers.

Experiential Marketing Agency, London

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