Brand Activations

At Shoppertainment Management, we are skilled in encouraging customers to engage with your company through brand activations.

Standing out from the crowd can sometimes be tough, but with the help of brand activations from Shoppertainment Management, it has never been easier. Our brand activation campaigns and events are designed to engage customers with your brand through means of directly interacting with them and building brand loyalty. These events are essential in sparking that initial interest with new shoppers and helping you to spread the word about your brand.

United with a number of other marketing strategies such as: commercialisation, PR & digital marketing, creative and more, our brand activations can take you to the next level. With an extensive understanding of consumer needs, demographics and interests, we possess the right tools to aid you in your brand activation journey.

What Is A Brand Activation Agency?

As a brand activation agency, Shoppertainment Management are ready to create an aura of excitement and enthusiasm around your brand. With a specific focus on the ‘activation’ side of your brand, which relates to the strong values associated with your company, brand activations aid you in communicating clear messages about who you are, what you stand for and why you are different from everyone else.

Often compared with experiential marketing, which is closely linked but with a heavier focus on the physical activities used to interact with customers, brand activation campaigns actually include strategies like experiential marketing to help cement your brand’s values. Effective brand activation campaigns have long-lasting effects on your consumer’s behaviours, and will encourage them to keep coming back to your brand again and again.

Combining online, offline and hybrid marketing strategies, brand activation campaigns from Shoppertainment Management covers all bases and keeps your brand relevant and accessible to your customer. Whether it be a single event, or a series of events which are communicated across a number of marketing channels, brand experiences are invaluable to your company.

With over a decade of experience, our team have been helping brands, shopping centres and shoppers all over the UK to maximise their potential through brand activations. We are prepared to help you level up your company, and we have plenty of previous clients to prove our ability in doing so. Browse our case studies here, or contact us today to find out more.

Benefits of Using a Brand Activation Agency

When it comes to your brand, clear communication is the foundation of a successful, long-standing relationship between yourself and your consumer. Using a brand activation agency company like ourselves means you can nurture that all-important relationship from the very beginning, starting with a fantastic first impression.

As with so many marketing strategies, brand awareness is a vital component of brand activations. Making consumers aware of who you are, what you do, your core values and your unique selling points (USPs) can all be achieved through the use of brand activations. Get your name on the map!

Naturally, brand activations and experiential marketing attracts a lot of interest. Because of their uniqueness, you can easily create a buzzing atmosphere around your brand thanks to your brand activations. This will instinctively get people talking about your company and will have a lasting impact on how consumers interact with you as a company.

Because of that buzz you have just created, you will be automatically boosting the amount of time shoppers spend engaging with and learning about your brand. This can have a very positive effect on how consumers interact with you, and will instinctively attract even more people – everyone will want to know what all the fuss is about!

Interested in learning more about our Marketing Services?

Not only are we experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to brand activations, we also offer a number of other marketing services including: shopping centre commercialisation, corporate creative PR & marketing, development marketing and more! We have been working within the shopping centre space for years, so we are skilled in creating bespoke marketing strategies for your brand to reach its optimum potential. 

To learn more about how your brand can benefit from our marketing services, get in touch with us today.