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Make a lasting impression on customers and increase footfall with a brand experience agency

As a brand experience agency with over 25 years of industry knowledge, we know the true value of experiential marketing in the shopping centre scene. We can help elevate your brand to the next level, using effective and engaging marketing techniques and strategies custom to your business. 

What is a Brand Experience Agency?

Brand experiences, often referred to as event, engagement or experiential marketing, is an effective way to engage a two-way conversation with customers. It can encourage customers to connect with a brand in a way that other marketing strategies do not.

Needless to say, this inherently stirs up interest in your brand and gives you a unique edge over competitors. Brand experience events can be held in a number of different ways, for example: samples or taster events, photobooths, food trucks, games or seasonal activities – all achievable through shopping centre commercialisation.

Brand experience strategies can be used to involve customers of all ages and interests, allowing for them to be made bespoke to your brand and your product or service. Check out some of our brand experience case studies here!

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    Benefits of a Brand Experience Agency

    For The Vendor

    With new brands entering the market constantly, especially online, remaining competitive is essential. Finding innovative ways to grab a new consumer’s attention whilst also engaging with existing customers is a fine balance. Experiential marketing allows for both. Holding events for a range of customers will help to increase exposure, in particular word of mouth and creates a positive association with your brand. 

    Engaging with your customers personally is a sure-fire way to make a long lasting impression. Offering something different from the usual shopping experience will increase the chances of customers engaging with your brand, much more than they would just shopping. 

    By holding brand experience events, it offers a unique opportunity for a brand to get to know their consumer like never before. Engaging with customers face to face allows you to understand their needs and wants much better than competitors and can feed into your marketing strategy going forwards.

    For The Centre

    Adding a competitive edge, different from other shopping centres in your area can be achieved when hiring a brand experience agency. With the flexibility of seasonal events and one off experience you can stay up to date with changing demands and at the forefront of customers minds.

    Offering such unique experiences in the heart of an already busy shopping centre can be an easy way to increase dwell time, as customers’ curiosity encourages them to get involved.

    We’ve been part of the shopping centre commercialisation and experiential marketing scene for over 25 years! We have the right experts on our team to offer you unique industry insights and help you create effective, integrated marketing strategies. 

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    We help brands and shopping centres across the UK reach their target audience with forward-thinking and bespoke strategies.  

    If you would like to create an unforgettable experience for your brand or shopping centre, why not get in touch with our professionals today?