Unite to Create Joy: The National Impact of #BuildToGive

#BuildToGive isn't just a campaign;

t’s a national movement of kindness and generosity. Launched in 2017, this heartwarming charity Christmas campaign, powered by the spirit of giving, has left an indelible mark on communities across the nation. Through the years, it has transformed shoppers into heroes, as they join forces with Lego to deliver millions of sets to children who need it most.


The Heart of Giving:

At the core of #BuildToGive lies the essence of Christmas—giving. Shoppers, families, and communities come together to craft a profound difference in the lives of those less fortunate. It’s a testament to the enduring spirit of empathy and altruism that defines our nation.


A Journey Through Time:

Since its inception, #BuildToGive has evolved into an annual tradition, eagerly awaited by all. As the holiday season approaches, it sets in motion a wave of anticipation, uniting individuals and families in a common purpose—to bring joy to those who need it most.

Crafting Joy, One Lego Brick at a Time:

Families, both young and young at heart, are invited to embark on a creative journey, crafting Lego figures that embody the magic of Christmas. Amidst giant Lego displays that inspire wonder, participants weave their imagination into tangible expressions of love and joy.


A National Legacy of Giving:

The impact of #BuildToGive resonates far beyond individual shopping centres; it reverberates through the very essence of our nation. It’s a testament to the power of collective action, where communities, irrespective of their differences, unite to create smiles and spread warmth.


The National Tradition of #BuildToGive:

This cherished tradition is more than a campaign—it’s a nationwide legacy. It reminds us that, regardless of our circumstances, we have the capacity to bring joy to others. The spirit of #BuildToGive serves as a guiding star, lighting our way through the festive season.