The Future of Shopping Centres: How Shopping Centres Will Change?

More and more shoppers are switching to online shopping thanks to its convenience and the abundance of online discounts. A gift voucher here, a promo code there, and people can find all kinds of bargains without taking one step out of the door. The way we shop is changing, and that means shopping centres are changing too. So, what sort of exciting new developments from our shopping centres can we look forward to in the near future?


Shopping Experiences

Shopping centres are increasingly starting to focus on providing memorable shopping or product experiences for their customers, but this doesn’t just start and end with excellent customer service. As we’ve already discussed in another post, hosting events can be a fantastic way of increasing footfall and enticing customers back to see what’s new and fresh. Seasonal events such as Christmas markets and Easter Egg hunts are great for customer engagement, offering limited-time treats and goodies to entice curious shoppers.

Themed events are another good opportunity to draw in potential customers. Sponsored brands can attract fans from far and wide, with giveaways, discounts and unique items being highly sought after by lovers of the brand or retailer. Customers are growing increasingly interested in their purchasing experiences, so engaging with them on a personal level at events is the best way to leave them with a memorable experience and keep them coming back for more.

Pop-up shops, kiosks, and food stalls can also draw customers’ attention to new products, services, or dining experiences. Find out more about options for renting small retail spaces here.

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New Technologies

Integrating new technologies into stores across the UK is key to the future of shopping centres, providing new digital solutions for retailers and customers alike. VR and AR experiences like laser tag events are promising new ventures that are quickly becoming popular amongst the younger generations.

On the retailer’s side, implementing AI as a means of assisting with data analysis could also be beneficial. Automating data collection, inventory management, analysing sales figures, and enhancing marketing strategies can streamline processes for shopping centres, helping to provide a meaningful shopping experience for customers. Other digital improvements, such as smart shops, can help make the purchasing process for shoppers more efficient, and even send them notifications when they walk past a storefront to let them know what deals they have on.

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Shopping and Social Spaces

The choice to integrate retail, entertainment, and food and beverage locations all under one roof can massively boost footfall and revenue at a shopping centre. Redeveloped shopping centres can act as hubs and gathering places which support the local communities, particularly those located in busy areas such as cities, providing space to catch up with friends, get a bite to eat, and enjoy some quality family time doing activities. For modern shopping centres to thrive, they have to become more than just places to shop.

Revitalising your shopping centre might seem difficult and daunting, but with Shoppertainment, we can support you through the entire process. Find out about some of our exciting rebranding projects!

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So…What’s In Store?

Shopping centres have to learn to adapt to the changing patterns of retail and our evolving modern world, but it is clear they still play an important role in supporting communities and generating revenue. Pursuing a vision of ‘shoppable entertainment’ is the best strategy for many shopping centres, integrating other catering and entertainment opportunities to encourage more shoppers to experience something exciting and new. Just as shopping centres are redefining themselves, we may soon have to redefine what we consider a shopping centre!

If you want to know more about how Shoppertainment can help transform your shopping centre or explore your next shopping venture, get in contact with one of our expert team today!