The Impact of Events on Shopping Centre Footfall and Sales

Our lives are so busy, and online shopping is so convenient shopping centres must evolve to compete. Shopping centre events benefit retailers and shoppers alike and are increasing in popularity. These events allow retailers to showcase their products or services in a high-traffic environment, which increases brand visibility and reach. The increased number of customers can lead to a surge in sales, providing a tangible return on investment. Shoppers also benefit from the break in their usual shopping routine as they can be entertained and socialise.

A shopping centre event agency will plan and deliver a variety of events. Seasonal events are always popular. Christmas markets, fashion shows, meet and greet of cartoon characters, book signings and food tastings are shopping centre events that draw crowds. By diversifying the types of events hosted, shopping centres can attract a broader audience and keep customers coming back.

Barbie box with pink balloon display

To maximise the reach and impact of shopping centre events, effective marketing strategies are crucial to the success of any event. They will implement a mix of traditional and digital marketing channels to promote what is upcoming. Good marketing before the event will help generate interest, ensuring good footfall and the success of your event.

Event management in shopping centres comes with its own set of challenges. Coordinating logistics, securing vendors, and ensuring smooth execution can be complex and time-consuming. However, incorporating digital elements into shopping centre events can attract tech-savvy shoppers and differentiate the shopping centre from competitors.  Hosting VR stations within the shopping centre allows visitors to immerse themselves in virtual worlds related to the event theme or specific brand promotions. Developing a dedicated mobile app for shopping centre events enables visitors to access event schedules, receive push notifications about special offers or activities, and participate in interactive contests or scavenger hunts.

The pressure is on for shopping centres to diversify their offerings to ensure continued success in an increasingly competitive market. Hosting engaging events has become a crucial aspect of this diversification strategy. By providing shoppers with fun experiences, that go beyond traditional retail, shopping centres can attract and retain visitors. Whether it’s through live performances, workshops, or exclusive promotions, the lure of a well-marketed event will encourage shoppers into the centres. By investing in shopping centre events shopping centres can foster a community and drive sustained success in the retail landscape.