Revitalising Stratford Shopping Centre: A Rebrand Success Story

Elevating Your Centre’s Aesthetic with Comprehensive Branding and Vibrant Vinyl’s

When the Stratford Shopping Centre embarked on a journey to refresh its brand image, they envisioned a transformation that would resonate throughout the entire space. The scope of this rebranding initiative encompassed a multifaceted approach, including the branding of empty unit vinyl’s, strategic wayfinding signage, and eye-catching door coverings.

The outcome of this endeavour is nothing short of remarkable. The Stratford Shopping Centre now boasts a harmonious and unified appearance that extends across its entire expanse. The strategic utilisation of vinyl’s, both as a decorative medium and a tool to conceal vacant units, has breathed new life into the centre’s atmosphere. These vinyl applications inject vibrancy and a sense of invitation into every nook and cranny, creating a more engaging and welcoming environment for shoppers and visitors alike.

In this meticulous process, every element of the centre’s brand identity was meticulously considered, ensuring that it seamlessly blended with the existing architectural features while simultaneously infusing the space with a fresh and dynamic vitality. The result is a Stratford Shopping Centre that not only captures the essence of its brand but also serves as a vibrant and appealing hub for the community, beckoning shoppers to explore and enjoy the full extent of what it has to offer.