Reviving Radiance: The OMNi Centre’s Brand Refresh and Dynamic Website Transformation

Our team embarked on a compelling mission:

to breathe new life into The OMNi Centre in Edinburgh through a comprehensive brand revitalisation and the creation of a cutting-edge website.

The culmination of our efforts unveiled a brand that was not only rejuvenated but also radiated with vibrancy, boasting an artistic composition characterised by texture and fluidity. An innovative choice to employ hands, rather than conventional models, in the artwork lent an inclusive and relatable touch, ensuring accessibility for all.

Our digital transformation extended seamlessly into the creation of a dynamic website, carefully infused with the essence of the freshly minted branding. This harmonious synergy across all platforms ensured that The OMNi Centre possessed a distinctive visual identity that resonated with its audience, enriching the visitor experience and solidifying its presence in the digital realm.