Ealing’s Art Deco Gem: Unveiling Filmworks – Branding and Website Showcase

The team embarked on an exciting mission:

to craft an entirely new brand identity, website, and a suite of creative assets for a groundbreaking mixed-use development nestled in the vibrant heart of Ealing, London.


Our journey began with the creation of a brand that encapsulated the very essence of this remarkable project. Situated at the epicenter of Ealing, Filmworks pays homage to the storied past of the Empire Cinema, preserving its iconic art deco facade. Drawing inspiration from the glitz and grandeur of the roaring twenties, this development, masterminded by St George, promises a fusion of classic allure and modern living.


With plans to offer more than 200 contemporary homes, Filmworks is set to become a thriving hub of entertainment, featuring an eight-screen Picturehouse cinema and a central piazza surrounded by a diverse array of high-quality restaurants, coffee shops, and leisure amenities.

The next pivotal phase was to conceptualize and construct a cutting-edge website tailored specifically for Filmworks. Our client’s vision was crystal clear – a website that would strike a harmonious balance between simplicity and impact, while also delivering a wealth of essential information right on the homepage.


To enhance the user experience, we meticulously crafted and coded an interactive map, allowing visitors to gain an in-depth understanding of the development’s layout and the precise locations of its various tenants.


Furthermore, our creative team worked diligently to ensure the seamless extension of the brand across a wide spectrum of platforms. From compelling social media assets to eye-catching printed materials, every facet of the brand rollout was meticulously considered and executed.


For an immersive journey into the world of Filmworks, we invite you to explore our creation by clicking on the link below:


Filmworks social media flat lay