Revitalizing Town Centre Safety and Economic Recovery

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In a concerted effort to bolster the safety of Luton’s Town Centre and rekindle the vibrancy of their beloved High Street, a transformative project was undertaken. The primary aim was to not only foster a secure environment during the Covid-19 pandemic, but also to catalyse the economic resurgence of our town.


This visionary project revolved around the enhancement of our public spaces through the strategic deployment of a comprehensive signage system, all ingeniously geared towards promoting social distancing. In adopting this creative approach, we achieved more than just ensuring public health; we elevated the aesthetic appeal of our high streets and, in the process, lifted the collective spirits of our community.

The initial directive was to craft a captivating collection of illustrated characters and scenarios, each a testament to the importance of social distancing. These creative renditions were thoughtfully imbued with local relevance, ensuring they resonated deeply with our town’s unique character and culture.


These captivating illustrations were strategically deployed to blanket our town, hoardings, pavements, shop windows, banners, and building facades. However, the magic did not stop there. These characters and scenarios were also brought to life through a series of short animations, a dynamic touch that added an extra layer of engagement and excitement to our campaign. In essence, the project didn’t just seek to enhance safety but also breathed new life into our cherished Town Centre, rekindling the spark of economic recovery while captivating the hearts and minds of our community.