Sweet Success! – Kiosk Design at Serpentine Green Shopping Centre

The team cooked up some brand goods:

In a bustling retail environment like Serpentine Green Shopping Centre, making a lasting impression on shoppers is so important. We recently had the opportunity to collaborate with a local trader at the centre, designing a striking kiosk that would not only stand out but also enhance their business.

The trader known for their delightful cakes, approached us with a challenge: to create a kiosk that would not only draw the attention of passing shoppers but also communicate the essence of their brand – quality, indulgence, and creativity. Our talented design team took on the challenge, crafting kiosk graphics that would serve as the visual identity of the traders stand. Every element, from colour selection to imagery, was carefully considered to align with the brand’s message and values. The kiosk graphics, that will be proudly displayed at Serpentine Green Shopping Centre later this month, have exceeded expectations. They have transformed the trader’s kiosk into a vibrant and inviting space that attracts shoppers from afar.

At Shoppertainment, we understand that exceptional design is not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating experiences that resonate with the audience.


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