Transforming Waverley Mall: A Journey from Rebrand to Illuminating Signage.

Following our triumphant execution of a comprehensive rebranding initiative and an extensive refurbishment project at Waverley Mall, our team received a new and exciting challenge – to create captivating external signage that would seamlessly integrate with the mall’s fresh and vibrant brand identity.

The objective was clear: to design and install external signage that not only aligned with the mall’s rejuvenated image but also served as a beacon, guiding shoppers to the heart of the shopping centre and the nearby City Centre train station.

The outcome was nothing short of spectacular – a striking and brilliantly illuminated signage package that instantly captured attention. The signage not only functioned as a practical navigational tool but also added a touch of elegance and modernity to the mall’s exterior. By day, it blended harmoniously with the mall’s aesthetic, and by night, it came alive in a dazzling display of light.


The impact of this signage extended beyond aesthetics; it offered visitors a clear and inviting path to the shopping centre and the adjacent train station, enhancing their overall experience. The project served as a testament to our commitment to delivering not just visual excellence but also functional solutions that elevate the shopping experience. In the end, our illuminating signage proved to be the perfect finishing touch to the successful transformation of Waverley Mall.

Waverly Mall Logo Black