The retail world is constantly evolving. Therefore, retailers need to adapt their sales tactics to ensure they are still engaging with consumers.

Renting promotional space within shopping centres instantly puts your brand or service in front of thousands of shoppers allowing you to interact with them face to face.

Shoppertainment manages space in retail locations across the UK that offer short term, low rent options that can be used by everything from brands, charities and florists to waffle kiosks and funfairs.


Two-Way Communication

Shopping centre promotional space allows you to be able to communicate and engage with your customers more effectively, people respond better to another person, allowing you to establish a relationship with them.

Promotional space places you directly in front of shoppers it makes you and your offer more accessible to them. This therefore allows shoppers to build a positive connection with you, creating loyalty and trust.

Physical Presence

Using promotional space allows you to bring your products, brand or services directly to the customer instead of trying to convince them to come to you, increasing your exposure and allowing consumers to physically interact with your offer.


Using promotional space allows you to take a more targeted approach by letting you pick a specific location you want to operate in, dependant on your target market.

Take a look at how shopping centre promotional space has benefited our clients.

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