Elevating Summer Experiences at Broadway Bradford

Client Background: Amidst the vibrant atmosphere of The Broadway, we aimed to turn the summer holidays into a memorable adventure for shoppers and families. Our vision was to launch a 6-week campaign over the school holidays, built around captivating surprise acts, and ignite excitement and anticipation among visitors. The campaign aimed not only to enhance the shopping experience but also to bolster the reputation and footfall at The Broadway.


The Challenge: The challenge presented was to design a summer campaign that would engage, entertain, and leave a lasting impression. The objective was to create an atmosphere of surprise and delight while ensuring that shoppers would eagerly anticipate each week’s unique entertainment act.


Our Solution: Our innovative marketing team at Shoppertainment embarked on a mission to craft a summer campaign that would capture the essence of surprise and fun.

Our comprehensive strategy included:

Weekly Surprise Acts: We unveiled a weekly surprise entertainment act, with details released only a day in advance on social media. This teaser campaign approach was designed to create a buzz and generate anticipation among shoppers.

Character Meet and Greets: Customers had the opportunity to meet and greet their favourite characters, enhancing the family-friendly atmosphere of the Broadway Centre.

Social Media Teasers: We utilised social media to drive engagement, building suspense around the upcoming entertainment and fostering a sense of community among shoppers.

Results: The summer campaign at The Broadway exceeded expectations. Each surprise act generated excitement and anticipation, drawing shoppers eager to experience the unexpected. The character meet and greets added a personal touch, creating cherished memories for families.

The social media teasers not only engaged the community but also attracted new visitors. The campaign succeeded in increasing footfall, extending shopper dwell time, and enhancing the profile of The Broadway as a vibrant and family-friendly shopping destination.


Through strategic planning, character interactions, and social media tactics, we successfully transformed The Broadway into a summer hub of excitement and fun.

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