Elevating Student Shopping Sessions with Celebrities and National Brands

Our Student Shopping Sessions have evolved into a national phenomenon, bringing A-list celebrities, including beloved ITV Love Island stars and the main characters of The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE), directly to your town. These star-studded events have garnered acclaim, thanks to their ability to fuse exciting discounts, captivating giveaways, and sponsorship from renowned national brands. Moreover, these sessions consistently deliver a tangible boost to the commercialization income, execute on well-crafted marketing strategy objectives, and significantly expand our ever-growing database.


Preston, A Hub of Student Potential:

Take, for example, our successful engagement with St George’s Shopping Centre in Preston. Situated in a town teeming with potential, boasting over 24,000 university students enrolled at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) and an additional 28,500 college students across three institutions, all within a mere 6 miles of the shopping centre. This expansive student population forms an exceptionally promising catchment area for St George’s Shopping Centre.

The 2018 Student Shopping Session in Preston:

The 2018 Student Shopping Session orchestrated a night of exclusivity for local students, offering tantalizing discounts from retailers, thrilling giveaways both from the Centre itself and national brands, and exciting appearances by on-trend celebrities. Here’s a glimpse of what the event entailed:

A Celestial Highlight: Love Island 2018 winners, the charismatic Jack and Dani, graced the event as celebrity headliners.

Star-Studded Meet and Greet: Ten fortunate pre-registered students had the unique opportunity to meet and greet these shining stars.

Cash Bonanza: A whopping £1,000 cash prize awaited one lucky pre-registered student.

DJ-Driven Rhythm: Dynamic DJ sets throughout the night provided the perfect soundtrack for an unforgettable evening.

Stage Spectacle: A stage show hosted by a high-quality compere added an extra layer of entertainment and engagement.

‘Loaded Lockers’ Game: The enticing ‘Loaded Lockers’ spend incentive game had students eager to participate and, on average, spending £63.13.

Ibiza Dream: The giveaway of two flights to Ibiza added an element of wanderlust and excitement to the event.


Staggering Results:

The impact of the 2018 Student Shopping Session was nothing short of astounding:

A Remarkable Turnout: A whopping 3,659 students attended the event, underscoring its undeniable appeal.

Retailer Success: An impressive 55% of retailers enthusiastically participated, further boosting their sales on the day. It’s noteworthy that stores not primarily catering to students, such as Smiggle and Brighthouse, were among those that did not participate.

Social Media Triumph: Our social media presence was equally impressive. The top four Facebook posts reached over 75,560 people, while the top four Twitter posts reached over 22,050 people. On Instagram, the top four posts received over 4,294 likes, demonstrating the event’s online buzz.

PR AVE: The PR AVE (Advertising Value Equivalency) soared beyond £6,900, underlining the event’s significant media exposure and impact.


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