Growing Community Bonds: Burnley’s Summer Garden Party and Budding Burnley Initiative

Burnley's Community Allotment Summer Garden Party

Was an all-encompassing event that brought the local community together for a day filled with sports, social media engagement, and PR activities. The highlight of the event was the addition of large screens and live music on the rooftop, transforming the centre into a vibrant and entertaining space. This successful campaign not only left a lasting impression on attendees but also sparked a desire to keep the rooftop venue alive, resulting in increased income.


Furthermore, this event forged valuable connections with the Scottish Blue Rugby Union, strengthening the centre’s ties to the wider community. As part of the Summer Garden Party festivities, a workshop centred around the “Budding Burnley” initiative, a community-focused green campaign. The primary objective was to breathe life into an underutilised area of the mall while deepening the centre’s engagement with the local community.

The heart of the initiative was the creation of a community allotment, complete with vegetable beds and oversized flower pots. A dedicated team of local volunteers took charge of planting and tending to various vegetables and herbs, meeting twice a week to nurture the crops. This communal effort not only revitalised the mall but also provided an opportunity for the community to actively participate in a unique and interactive project.

Under the banner of Budding Burnley, a dedicated kids club named “Pollen Partners” was established. Once the produce reached maturity, it was thoughtfully donated to local food banks and community cafes, ensuring that the benefits of the allotment extended beyond its immediate surroundings.


The response from the community was overwhelmingly positive, with residents expressing their appreciation for a project that provided them with a sense of ownership and pride. The Burnley Community Allotment Summer Garden Party, coupled with the Budding Burnley initiative, showcased the power of community engagement and the positive impact it can have on both the local area and the individuals who call it home.

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