Infuse a Bounce of Joy into Your Shoppers’ Easter Experience

All across the UK,

parents are in search of captivating family activities during the school holidays that seamlessly integrate leisure and shopping. This strategy isn’t just about attracting fresh faces through the doors; it’s about sustaining the loyalty of existing ones.


Easter emerges as the second most pivotal trading period for shopping centres on a national scale, following closely behind the annual retail frenzy of Christmas. It’s not merely another holiday; it’s an extraordinary moment in the retail calendar. Easter allows shoppers to shed the weariness of winter and eagerly embrace the longer brighter days of spring.

We create marketing strategies that seizes this unique moment, transforming shopping centres into immersive Easter wonderlands. It’s about crafting an experience that resonates with the vibrancy of spring and the excitement of the season.


From enchanting decorations and interactive displays to captivating live entertainment and delightful egg hunts, shopping centres become beacons of seasonal delight. These centres are no longer just retail hubs; they’re destinations where families create cherished memories.