Are You Hungry, Hull? – A Two Day Food Extravaganza at St Stephens Shopping Centre

In the spring of 2019,

we embarked on an exciting venture, fully crafting and managing a remarkable food festival that coincided with the cherished occasion of Mother’s Day weekend. Our dedicated in-house design team played a pivotal role in bringing this event to life, with their creative prowess shining through in the development of captivating poster artwork. Furthermore, they curated compelling countdown artwork, strategically disseminated across various social media platforms, building anticipation and excitement in the lead-up to the festival.


Our in-house digital experts took the reins in launching an extensive social media program designed to maximize reach and engagement. This comprehensive initiative encompassed targeted Facebook advertisements showcased on a dedicated event page. Daily announcements unveiled a lineup of new and enticing food traders, tantalizing the taste buds of potential attendees. Additionally, we strategically leveraged a prominent local ‘What’s On’ website to amplify interest and awareness surrounding this delectable extravaganza, ensuring that it remained on the radar of the local community and beyond.

Event Management Excellence:

In addition to our creative and digital endeavours, Shoppertainment took on the crucial role of event management. This holistic approach ensured that every facet of the festival, from logistics to execution, was flawlessly handled. The results spoke volumes, as the event soared to great heights with the enthusiastic participation of over 20 accomplished food operators.

A Taste of Success, Leading to More:

Following the resounding success of the inaugural food festival, the demand for more was undeniable. Buoyed by the incredible response and the enthusiastic feedback of attendees and traders alike, we are thrilled to announce that a second food festival is on the horizon. Set to take place in May, this event promises to build on the triumphs of its predecessor, offering another delectable opportunity for the community to come together in celebration of culinary delights.

To relive the magic and get a taste of what transpired during the first food festival, we invite you to visit the event page here: Event Link.