Nationally Celebrating the Realm of Game of Thrones with Shoppertainment

In a quest to commemorate the highly-anticipated launch

of the upcoming season of HBO’s iconic Game of Thrones, Sky Atlantic embarked on a grand mission: to reach out to audiences far and wide, bestowing upon them an unforgettable experience that would forever be etched in their memories.

Enter Shoppertainment, a strategic partner handpicked by Sky to orchestrate an extraordinary nationwide activation. The focal point of this spectacular endeavour was none other than the iconic ‘Iron Throne’ from the Game of Thrones series, a symbol of power and authority that fans had long yearned to behold.


A Tour Fit for a King or Queen:

Shoppertainment and Sky’s collaborative vision came to life as the ‘Iron Throne’ embarked on a tour across several prestigious Shopping Centres scattered throughout the United Kingdom. This award-winning activation brought the fantastical world of Westeros into the realm of reality, allowing shoppers, both die-hard fans and casual admirers, to ascend the throne and briefly become the Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.

A Social Media Phenomenon:

The impact of this extraordinary tour extended well beyond the confines of the Shopping Centres. A profound sense of excitement and wonder rippled through social media platforms, with individuals eager to share their experiences. Sky Atlantic revealed staggering statistics that underscore the tour’s triumph:

Facebook Buzz: A whopping 3,576 photos from the tour were shared on Facebook, testifying to the eagerness of attendees to showcase their royal moment.

Twitter’s Throne: The tour made its presence felt on Twitter as well, with 438 captivating photos tweeted, further solidifying the tour’s status as a trending topic.

Engagement in Abundance: The tour garnered over 35,000 interactions across various social media platforms, highlighting its resonance and the passionate engagement it generated among fans and newcomers alike.


A Triumph on a National Scale:

The success of the ‘Iron Throne’ tour transcended geographical boundaries, establishing itself as a national sensation. Its ability to captivate and inspire individuals from all walks of life reaffirms the enduring appeal of Game of Thrones and its timeless connection with fans.

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