Revitalising St Johns Beacon for Commercialisation, Community, and Causes

St Johns Beacon, affectionately known as the Radio City Tower,

stands tall as an iconic Liverpool landmark, resonating with both locals and tourists alike. It is the proud home of Radio City, one of the UK’s most successful radio stations, offering visitors a breathtaking panoramic view of Merseyside’s ever-changing skyline from over 400 feet above the vibrant heart of the City Centre. Beyond its iconic status, St Johns Beacon is an integral part of the St Johns Shopping Centre, which has been serving the Liverpool community since 1969.


The Challenge: Post-COVID Transformation: The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic posed an unprecedented challenge to St Johns Shopping Centre. In the wake of this global crisis, Shoppertainment and the management team faced the imperative to think more commercially than ever before, seeking innovative avenues to ensure the Centre’s sustainability. It was in this context that they recognised the immense untapped potential of St Johns Beacon as both a physical and commercial asset.


Commercialisation Strategy: Understanding that St Johns Beacon held the key to their revitalisation efforts, the management curated a forward-thinking strategy to transform this historic beacon into a one-of-a-kind promotional space for brands. This strategic shift aimed to capitalize on the beacon’s strategic location, seen by over 40 million visitors annually, making it the gateway to the City Centre. Daily footfall included commuters and travellers from nearby transportation hubs, making them the perfect target audience for brand messaging.


Results and Achievements: Since its transformation into a commercialisation powerhouse, St Johns Beacon has generated an impressive total income of £50,000 for the Centre. This income was derived from collaborations with prominent brands such as M&S, Charlotte Tilbury, Radisson RED, and Vodafone, among others. Notably, the average five-day booking at the beacon has proven to be worth approximately £10,000, an astonishing rate that is ten times the average value of commercialisation pitches within the scheme.

Supporting Brands and the Community: Beyond driving income, St Johns Beacon is passionate about supporting brands within Liverpool. M&S and Charlotte Tilbury, for instance, utilised the beacon to promote their shop openings in the City Centre, demonstrating a commitment to boosting the local economy.


Additionally, a commendable 20% of the income generated from the beacon has been dedicated to local charities, including the Centre’s charity partner, Everton in the Community. This commitment to community support extends to sharing good news free of charge, such as the announcement of the 2022 Turner Prize Winner and the UK’s largest gender reveal.


Championing Charitable Initiatives: The Beacon has been a beacon of hope for numerous charitable organisations, raising awareness and funds for critical causes. Collaborations with organizations such as Breast Cancer Awareness, Michael Causer Foundation, and Hydrocephalus and Craniosynostosis Awareness have provided a platform for advocacy and fundraising.


Conclusion: The commercialisation of St Johns Beacon represents a remarkable transformation of a historic asset into a dynamic, visually spectacular messaging board that serves a multitude of brands and causes. Not only has this revitalisation driven substantial income and visitor engagement, but it has also contributed significantly to the local community and various charitable initiatives.


Shoppertainment and St Johns Beacon remains unwavering in its commitment to income generation, city collaboration, and ESG responsibility. It continues to shine a light on Liverpool’s bright future, embodying a mission to make a positive and lasting impact on the city and its people. Through innovative ventures and meaningful partnerships, St Johns Beacon stands as a beacon of hope, support, and progress in Liverpool’s ever-evolving landscape.