Soft Play Areas

Soft play areas within shopping centre are proving popular. The aim is to create positive shopping experiences increasing dwell time; encouraging families to stay longer. It’s a great way for both children and parents to take a break and recharge before continuing on their shopping journey. By entertaining the children and providing a safe environment for them to burn off energy, families are less likely to seek the exit and continue shopping for longer.

The soft play area can be built to any size and brief to include a range of play items and rules of play guidelines. The soft play area could be installed within an empty unit or alternatively on the mall (as it is
moveable for when the unit becomes let). The area is unmanned and under the supervision of parents/ guardians with donations upon entry under a charity in order to secure rates relief as a charitable initiative.
We could help network with local charities and then pass over to your agents/yourself to handle the rates side of things.

C A S E S T U D Y – S T R A T F O R D
Coinciding with the new jungle themed kids club the team utilised a limited space on the main Central Square with a 5mx3m soft play area to increase dwell time in the Centre that is largely used to pass through and access the tube and bus station.

  • Wifi usage has increased by an average of 70%which is used as a measure of dwell time.
  • Costa & Creams, the immediate neighbouring tenants, have reported a positive impact.
  • Visibly full throughout the week