How to Design the perfect Shopping Centre Website

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Shopping centre websites are very different from traditional web pages. Whereas retail shops are trying to encourage sales online, shopping centres need to encourage their customers to put down their phones and physically visit their stores.

As online shopping becomes more popular, shopping centres risk falling behind if their websites can’t keep up. But what actually makes a good shopping centre website? Shoppertainment has got the latest tips and tricks to help you build the perfect one.

Let’s start with a simple question: why do people click on shopping centre websites? Maybe they want to know the location of a specific shop, find out about directions and local transport links, or discover what upcoming events are taking place.

In the majority of cases, users will click on a shopping centre website because they want information, not because they want to make a purchase. So it’s critical that your website makes it as easy possible for users to find what they’re looking for.

Store Finders and Shop Indexes

Shops are the beating heart of any shopping centre, so it’s important that your website communicates that – people won’t know what stores you have unless you tell them! Store Finders are a helpful index of all your current shops, which makes it quick and simple to find a specific location or store, so customers can get right to where they need to go. Similarly, if a shopping centre has any cafes, restaurants, or fast food outlets, then you’ll want to let diners know where they can find them.

Providing a clear, concise map of the floorplan means shoppers can get familiar with the layout of your shopping centre before they arrive, and orient themselves using their phones once they’re inside. It also means they might find and visit another shop they didn’t realise was under the same roof, and spend more time exploring what your stores have to offer.

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Maps and Services

The services your shopping centre provides are another thing people will commonly look for when they visit your website. Opening times, directions and nearby transport links are all key pieces of information your arriving guests will need to know, so they should be displayed in a sensible location which is easy to find. A section in the header can work great for opening times, but it’s best to keep directions and any add-ons like Google Maps in the footer – you don’t want to overwhelm users with too much information all in one go.

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Look and Feel

But you don’t just want to state everything matter-of-factly to your website users. The user experience should be a reflection of your shopping centre experience. What are your core values, what makes your shopping centre unique, and how can you apply that to the look and feel of your website? Consider logos, brand identity, colour, and more – let your creativity run wild!

You should also think about who is using your website and how. Most users will be browsing on their phones, so your website should embrace a mobile-first approach – drop down menus and careful consideration of the hierarchy of information is the way to go.

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Content Integration

Social media is another big part of shopping centre website design. It’s important to engage with your community of shoppers and retailers, and there’s no better way of demonstrating that than with social media posts. Linking your website with external content and individual stores alongside social media is a great way of ensuring it becomes a key resource for centre visitors. It’s also a great place to post any updates and news about the centre, keeping your customers in the know.

Posting about the latest events, pop-up shops or limited-time gifts can draw in customers looking for an experience, but your website brings all your social media channels together on one platform for easy viewing. Your website should also be a space that is friendly to your clients. Showing support for brand achievements, promotional events and awards helps retailers feel included.

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Ready to get designing?

Those are just a few of the aspects we consider when it comes to shopping centre website design! Here at Shoppertainment, we can facilitate the designing and building stages of your new website, saving you time and money whilst we develop everything you need to truly connect with your customer base.

For more information, check out our Shopping Centre Website Design page to discover how our expert team can help redevelop your website today!