Shopping Centre Marketing North West

Using marketing techniques to grow awareness, boost footfall and build relationships

The marketing team at Shoppertainment specialise offering bespoke marketing services for you North West shopping centre. We utilise a range of traditional and digital marketing tools to offer personalised shopping centre marketing strategies. This includes full budget management, one-off or continuous support with marketing campaigns and creating memorable shopping centre events. 


With years of experience working with shopping centres across the North West, our marketing strategies are proven to improve footfall and increase dwell time; both of which can increase revenue for the shopping centre and shops alike. Our specialises lie within creating and executing impressive events, social media advertising and management and full website redesign including rebranding.

Benefits of Shopping Centre Marketing North West

Attract Customers and Tenants

In a very competitive industry, it is important to stand out and show both prospective customers and tenants what is amazing about your shopping centre. This can be done through a variety of marketing channels, tailored to your business and the audience you want to attract.

Increase Brand Awareness

One way to attract new customers and tenants is by building brand awareness. If you can keep your shopping centre in the forefront of people’s minds, you can ensure that the next time they need something they think of your shopping centre. Sharing your brand values with the local community is a great way to build strong relationships with the local community.

Optimise Customer Experience 

Shopping centre marketing can not only help you reach your target audience, but also understand them too. By undertaking a variety of marketing research you can ensure that your shopping centre is meeting the needs of the shoppers, optimising their shopping experience and increasing the likelihood of loyal customers.

Measure Your Marketing 

By investing in and sticking to a strong marketing strategy, a shopping centre can make sure that measurable targets are in place. In doing so, you can be certain you are hitting your goals and growing your centre in the process. It is easy to measure the impact of many different marketing techniques and therefore you can see what is working well.

Brand Personality

Having a strong and unique brand personality is essential when differentiating yourselves from other shopping centres in the North West. Do you want to portray a family friendly feel or high-end and luxurious? These of course are not the only two personalities to choose from when defining your own. Whatever personality you decide on must be reinforced both online and offline to solidify it within a consumer’s mind.

Integrated Shopping Centre Marketing 

Nowadays, the approach to marketing has changed. Gone are the days of just using small newspaper adverts to get your name out into the community. In order to see the best results, your shopping  centre marketing campaign must include a wide variety of channels to reach customers across all ‘touch-points’. This way, you can reinforce your messaging and maintain a strong presence in a consumer’s mind.

Want to Learn More About Shopping Centre Marketing?

If you have a shopping centre, based in the North West of England, why not get in touch? Our expert marketing team can help you to drive sales, boost footfall and increase your presence in your local community.