What are pop up stalls in Shopping Centres

We are certain that almost everyone has walked through a shopping centre and seen various small business stands within the centre. Not always in a shop, but often in the walkways and central hubs. These are pop up stalls. They offer the chance to increase sales, footfall and dwelling time to benefit both the stall renter and the shopping centre. 

At Shoppertainment, we specialise in a wide range of pop up stall types in locations dotted across the country. Some examples of our pop up stalls in shopping centres include:

  • Beauty Kiosks
  • Food Kiosks
  • Photo Booths
  • Massage Chairs
  • Drink and Snack Machines
  • Lockers
  • Mobile Phone Charger Merchants
  • ATM Issuers

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Increased Income

Pop up stalls are a great way for landlords to generate additional income. This is because any previously unused space can be rented out to businesses, making that space more profitable than having it empty. This extra income can go back into the centre and maximise revenue. 


As the name suggests, pop up stalls are not a permanent measure and therefore offer the landlord a lot of flexibility in who rents out the stall. Stall lend themselves well to seasonal events such as Christmas and allow the landlord to move with and adapt quickly to changing customer demands. You can offer a more diverse selection of products and services to shoppers.


All our pop up stalls in shopping centres are managed directly by our team, leaving the shopping centre managers to focus on other importa jobs. Gain extra revenue for your centre without needing to devote extra resources.


Cost Effective

Operating from a pop up stall in a shopping centre is much more cost effective than renting a traditional store. With lower overheads, you can generate more sales without sacrificing any revenue and profits. 

360 Degree Retail

As pop up stalls are located in the walk-ways of shopping centres, your business will be exposed to shoppers on all sides. This increased visibility can expose your business to people who may not have heard of you before, increasing the chances of new customers. The continuous flow of shoppers enables you to reach out to and engage with a variety of customers.


Pop up shops are extremely adaptable, enabling a stall renter to adapt the offerings to customer demands. Change your displays or selling techniques based on first-hand experience to keep up with consumer trends. Pop up stalls can be changed in seconds, compared to the full scale changes that would be needed in a traditional store, maximising your success.

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