Keep Up To Date With Changing Shopper Demands

How to use RMU’s, kiosks and events to keep up with changing shopper demands.

With Black Friday and Christmas on the horizon, the busiest season of the year will be here before you know it. Though this time can be overwhelming as retailers, it is also a period which boasts opportunity. Being up to date and understanding the demands of shoppers will help you to maximise these opportunities. As footfall increases hugely around these times, shoppers desire a stress-free and enjoyable experience even more than usual. So, how can retailers respond to these changing shopper demands?

Retail Merchandising Units

Renting Retail Merchandising Units within shopping centres and retail parks offer an intimate, quick and convenient solution to customers’ shopping anxieties.

Intimacy between retailers and consumers is an important quality which can often be lost through ever-growing retail methods like online shopping. This is why Retail Merchandising Units are a fantastic way to build up relationships with your customers, as they provide a much more personalised and unique experience in comparison to online shopping.

Shopping Centre Kiosks

Similarly, renting Kiosks are a great, cost-effective way to attract customers on their shopping trips. Because they can be easily transformed to fit the time of year, retailers can quickly adapt their set-up to meet the day-to-day demands of customers.

Being able to discuss these changes face-to-face with repeat customers is a huge benefit when considering customer needs.

Shopping Centre Events

Hosting commercialisation events within these spaces also develops this intimacy between retailers and the local community. Seasonal events, such as Christmas-themed events, offer a wonderful memory to families and shoppers and add a little sparkle to their trip. These events encourage customers to discuss their experiences with friends and family, and increase the chance of foot traffic and return customers.

Do you want to develop your relationships with customers?

Shoppertainment Management can help provide you with all the right tools to develop those interpersonal connections.

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