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FUSION Trend for 2022

Your shopping centre is ticking over

You have an agency looking after your commercialisation, another for PR, social and digital and another doing some adhoc events and promotions for you. WARNING! It is most likely that you aren’t maximising your marketing budget and potential income you can achieve from your scheme.

In the shopping centre space, there are various stakeholder’s we need to please. But when all said and done (in the words of Vanessa from Gavin and Stacey) everyone wants the same result, and that is to increase the value of the asset through high footfall, 100% leased units with a strong retail mix and a good basket spend. There are other objectives, but you get my point.


What is ‘FUSION’? 

Working with a full-service agency that can produce a marketing plan that allows for income generating elements such as event sponsorship, seasonal/event specific traders, community collaborations is what we at Shoppertainment call “FUSION”. Working with a one stop shop agency ensures cohesion between all the service departments. Creating engaging and relevant content on social media and digital platforms, working to convert virtual customers into physical ones. It allows for promotions and a call to action to take place on the quieter footfall days and analysing footfall trends, adapting, and responding accordingly.

Having a marketing strategy that drives footfall will in turn ensure your commercialisation space is maximised. It is difficult, if not impossible to have quality traders in your centre if you have low footfall. Traders want to go where it is busy and centres that create a pull factor for shoppers through marketing and a good retail mix will always yield the best income figures.

Spend your marketing budget wisely, only pay one agency management fee and work with a company that lives and breathes retail marketing and commercialisation. Ensure your centre is trending and understands that “FUSION” is the way for 2022 and beyond.

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Gemma Ward, Associate Director Business

Gemma Ward, Associate Director Business