Digital Pods

Shoppertainment have digital pods in shopping centres across the UK.

Our Digital Pods enable companies to promote their services in a convenient and professional way. Cost-effective and a practical way to capitalise on shopping centre traffic.

What are Digital Pods?

Shoppertainment digital pods are located in shopping centres across the country and enable vendors to interact with potential customers face-to-face. This personal communication makes promoting your products or services much more powerful, as consumers can see your passion!

Digital pods are extremely easy to set up and run. All you need is a USB stick with your promotional materials on, which is fed onto the screens on the pod. The lighting of the pod can also be changed in line with brand colours, displays or seasonal events.

Located in some of the largest shopping centres in the UK, our digital pods allow you to make the most of engaged shoppers by being situated in these busy walkways. 

It offers a great opportunity to create new customers, targeting those who may not have considered buying from you before. In fact, this also works in the reverse too. Often we see vendors use this interaction as a means of research, discovering the demographics who show the most interest in their brand!

The Benefits of Renting Digital Pods

As we have touched on, interacting with potential customers on a personal level can make selling much more powerful. Engage with their wants and needs and show them the passion you have for your brand!

The shopping centre attracts those from a wide range of backgrounds. If you are unsure of your target demographic, exposing your brand to a wide range of people will help you narrow down your target audience by gauging interest.

For brands who cannot afford the pricey overheads that come with a shopfront, digital pods can be the answer. 

A digital pod can be changed in an instant. Simply upload new marketing materials to your USB and you’re all set. This makes these pods fantastic for brands who require flexibility in the way they sell, want to use the pods to promote a one-time offer or take advantage of seasonal events.

Learn More About Digital Pods!

If you think renting a digital pod could be a great fit for your company, get in touch below! Our dedicated commercialisation team are always on hand to help you discover the best marketing channels for you.