The best way to promote your brand, products and services on a short term basis.

Pop up shops can be used to promote a new product, generate awareness of a brand or simply sell merchandise for a short period of time.

Shopping centres already have high volumes of shoppers that are ready to be introduced to something new. Therefore, mall space or vacant shop units within shopping centres provide the best places to open pop up bars or shops.

Shoppertainment works with shopping centres across the UK and our established relationships with centre management teams means we know the very best places for you to open your pop up.

Whether you’re an established brand looking to promote something new, or a bespoke business wanting to reach wider audiences, pop up shops are a flexible temporary retail space that will allow you to build loyal customers by communicating with them face to face.

If you’re looking to promote your brand, services or products on a temporary basis contact our team to discuss opening a pop up shop using the form below.


Pop up shops provide endless benefits for shopping centres, traders and consumers

Consumer Buzz

We all know the excitement we feel when there’s a new shop on the block. Pop up shops create excitement and intrigue amongst shoppers, enticing them to enter. And, if the shop is for a limited time only, as most pop up shops are, then the urge to visit and buy only intensifies.

Trader Opportunities

The excitement isn’t just limited to shoppers though. It doesn’t get much better than seeing your products and brand in a new, exciting retail space.

Whether big or small, new or established, brick and mortar shops provide an unrivalled platform for traders. With a ready audience of shoppers descending on shopping centres daily, pop up shops provide excellent exposure for traders. It’s also the perfect opportunity to trial new, exciting product launches or services to a totally new audience.

Seasonal Sales

Pop up shops are an ideal opportunity for brands offering seasonal services. Whether it’s Christmas lights or beachwear, pop up shops are proven to give sales a massive boost for seasonal products or services. And, as they offer limited time products that are ‘of the moment’ so to speak, they’re often a massive hit with customers.

Affordability and Accessibility

For both cost and resource purposes, long standing leases in shopping centres can be restricting for traders. However, pop ups can be quite the opposite. By offering short term leases pop ups help retailers to cut down on rent and overheads therefore increasing profits. Plus, thanks to the short term commitment, businesses are free to adapt based on their marketing plans, for example only opening during busier periods and scaling down during quieter months.