Generating data more efficiently using a chatbot

As part of our annual Student Session event with St George’s Shopping Centre in Preston, we decided to automate the sign up process by using a chatbot. The aim was to generate the data more efficiently and make it easier for students to register for the event in a more organic way.

The chat bot was integrated into the centre’s Facebook messenger meaning that students wouldn’t need to navigate away from social media to a third party website and could register for the event simply by messaging the centre directly. The whole process would take students on average less than a minute and was completely automated on our side, including transferring data generated into our database for that centre. This process also positively improved the page’s response time.

The chat bot’s responses were mapped out internally meaning that the team had to plan out every potential branch the conversation could take, accounting for variation in phrases and language use which they could think of to ensure that the bot could respond. If the user’s message contained elements that had not been mapped out then the team could reply manually.

The digital team plans to eventually roll out the chat bot to our entire marketing portfolio with responses to some of the most common messages such as requests for opening hours, information on facilities and even upcoming events.

using a chatbot

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