As we enter the seventh week of lockdown new ways of life have become the ‘new normal.’ As the desire for a return to pre-lockdown ‘normal life’ grows stronger it is becoming clearer that the changes brought by the pandemic will impact the way we live our life for quite some time.

At Shoppertainment we have responded to this by adjusting our marketing strategy by leaning heavily into online and adapting our content so that we are continuing to connect with consumers during this time. We have pivoted our events into virtual online experiences with live princess singalongs, storytelling, crafts and exercise sessions. We have seen engagement levels double across social media channels as people turn to online for a sense of community and reassurance.

As we look ahead to post COVID-19 it is clear social distancing measures will stay in place for some time and there will be a big change in events and marketing to respect these measures but still bring people together through new experiences. Post COVID – 19 we will meet two types of consumers; those who had a bad case of “cabin fever” and are eager to get out and engage, and those who enjoyed spending more time at home, cooking and spending time with their families. We need to respond to these dynamics by stepping up marketing and promotional efforts to engage with both renewed demand and encourage consumption where it is weaker.

We predict six trends across the post COVID-19 consumers; virtual experience economy; ambient wellness; delivery; more interest in Corporate Social Responsibility and connection & collaboration. We also expect an increase in older consumers becoming more comfortable with e-commerce and an increase in the importance of brand development via digital marketing as, when harnessed the right way, it will be rewarded with long-term loyalty.

We are planning ahead adjusting strategies to include impactful marketing activations that;

  • Bring consumers together to reunite and enjoy the freedom they have whilst still social distancing
  • Online campaigns to encourage call to action to drive the footfall and dwell time
  • Retailer collaborations to drive sales
  • Placemaking and creating a space to enjoy once more – linking with Café’s and food outlets
    Link in with town centre wide stakeholders to work together on consistent messages for the good of the town

Jess Watters, Senior Marketing Account Manager

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