The retail industry is constantly adapting to change. The rise of online giants such as Amazon has changed the way people and even retailers themselves think about retail. People tend to think the change has been asymmetrical, with physical retail being forced to adapt in order to survive in the new world. But, as the last few months have shown, the change goes both ways because these online giants are no longer just online.

The once distinct line between the digital and physical worlds of retail has become blurred as more and more online retailers turn their attention to retail destinations, such as shopping centres, to take up space for short-term promotions. 2018 saw a trend of online brands opening pop-ups, proving they’re becoming more aware of the advantages that having a physical foothold in the industry can have. And, judging from the success these brands saw, we can expect to see plenty of other online retailers become hybrids between digital and physical.

Short-term spaces have proven themselves perfectly placed to provide online retailers with the opportunity to test the market without having to commit too many resources. But, we’re also seeing an increase in physical retailers turning towards pop-ups as they provide a more flexible alternative to the traditional store. For retail landlords, this sort of option allows them to diversify their commercialisation offer and the concept is an ideal element to include in retail events such as student sessions.

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