Summer Is Here

With less than a week to go I am sure you (like us) are eagerly awaiting the government update on 14th June.

With mixed opinion on whether the roadmap will go ahead as planned, we all wait with bated breath.

So, where does that leave us in the retail industry? We believe in a positive position. One thing that does look likely is with Portugal being moved to the amber list, foreign travel will be less likely this summer.

This is where town centres and shopping centres can really capitalise. Staycation bookings are up 300%, therefore visitors to UK tourist destinations will see an exponential rise this summer. People will also take the time to visit family members. This brings another great opportunity to drive new and additional traffic to your centre and high street. Give customers a reason to visit you, over your competitors.

This spills over to the new hybrid way of working, which in our opinion is here to stay. Flexible working (especially for those with children) is a must, people are spending more time at home and therefore strategic pull marketing tactics are a must for you to take advantage of people being based in their local towns and villages.

Retail in general has had a rough ride in the last 18 months. But now is the time to spend money to make money. Conceptualising strategic marketing initiatives that drive footfall and retailer sales is the best way to create a buzz and ensure that your retailers thrive. Do not be left behind, act on this now. This is the perfect time to change habits and welcome new and old customers to your schemes.

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