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Whether you are looking for B2C PR for your shopping centre, or you’re a developer looking for corporate PR, our comms team can help!

Our PR experts specialise in providing successful, cost-effective PR strategies ensuring your message is communicated effectively.

We have built up lasting relationships with local, regional and national press to ensure as much of your news as possible is out there. But, thanks to our wealth of PR experience we are also aware of what publications work for what industry, and, most importantly what don’t. So, whether it’s driving a B2C public relations CSR campaign, developing compelling digital content or executing an event or launch, our experts can create an engaging, wide-reaching PR campaign.


PR is all about achieving promotion for your business through a number of different avenues. This can include editorial pieces in a newspaper or blog posts on your website. By utilising relationships with local, regional and national press, PR can ensure your company gains as much exposure and coverage as possible.

PR can often be more effective than other methods of promoting your company. This is because it uses editorial content, which is seen as more trustworthy. Furthermore, PR is all about subtlety influencing audiences through effective story-telling and news updates and sources that audiences trust.

PR helps you to build a relationship with your company’s community and in turn increasing their awareness of your company.
We can achieve this through a number of methods, from sponsoring a local sports team to helping with local events. All of this helps build to trust between you and the community and thereby increases their awareness of you and what you do.

A well designed public relations campaign allows you to be more specific with the target audience you want to reach and can provide them with more detailed information about anything from events, centre news or things happening in the community.
A well-thought out strategy allows you to control what news is shared and when. PR can also mean that you have more time to plan for reactive news too.

By maintaining a constant presence and being active in your industry you create a strong connection with your audience. By using effective story-telling, PR can help shape a positive image of your company in the minds of your audience and positively promote brand values.



We concentrate on recommending effective strategies and delivering influential and innovative campaigns to gain maximum coverage, achieve results and help you meet your objectives.

We have an excellent understanding of how integrated campaigns can be most effective. Therefore, we ensure that our strategies are consistent with your other marketing activities.

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