Talks to Shopping Centre Magazine

Assistant director, Katie Leach, explains how much planning goes into our summer events schedule and how events should always drive footfall and increase engagement within the local community.

Our team always aim to create events that will drive footfall, engage as much of the community as possible and bring new experiences to the target audiences. Some events will naturally fall into a ‘smaller’ category of event due to marketing budgets while others will have the resources and space to become more ‘large-scale’.

Shoppertainment prides itself on getting as much out of each event as possible by supplementing paid for entertainment with free stakeholder activities such as local sports clubs, theatres and charities – where that doesn’t dilute the message of course. Shoppertainment conceptualises and delivers a multitude of events throughout the year within shopping centres all over the country and works with centre management teams and stakeholders to provide that ‘something extra’. Retailer engagement is also extremely important and getting both small independent and big brands involved– whether it be through competition prizes, activations or samples – can mean an event has a bigger impact.