We sometimes get asked by retailers and traders “how does renting space in a shopping centre benefit me?” So we’re taking a look at all the different ways traders can benefit from renting space in a shopping centre. Before we can look at the benefits of renting promotional space, we will first explain what promotional space within a shopping centre means.


The type of promotional space you can rent in a shopping centre covers a wide range from shopping centre kiosks to digital pods. The idea is to occupy empty shopping centre space in order to promote your brand, service or products to a wide range of shoppers.

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High Footfall

Shopping centres attract millions of visitors every year, all of whom are looking for exciting new brands and products to try. Therefore, renting space within a centre will immediately place your brand directly in front of a high amount of potential customers.

Plus, shopping centre kiosks operate within the walk-ways of the centres. Therefore, your business will benefit from 360 degree retail, maximising product exposure and creating a continuous flow of potential customers.

Gain Publicity

As a result of operating within such high footfall areas, your brand will be continuously placed in front of a wide range of potential customers.

Whether those customers make a purchase instantly or remember your brand for the future, your business is guaranteed to gain maximum publicity and exposure.

Increased Income

Thanks to the increased footfall and publicity your business will receive from operating within a shopping centre, your sales and income have a greater opportunity to increase, providing a better return on investment.


As opposed to traditional stores, RMUs, kiosks and pop-up shops are incredibly flexible due to their short-term leases. This means that you’ll have greater freedom should you want to change the location or design of your promotional space. Consequently, this makes them a great, adaptable option for retailers and traders across the UK.

Capitalise On Seasonal Events

Thanks to their ease of flexibility, shopping centre kiosks provide a great opportunity for retailers and traders to capitalise on seasonal events. Whether your products revolve around Christmas, Easter or the summer season, or if you want modify your kiosk/RMU to reflect the current season, their flexibility allows you to cater for shopper demands and trends and capitalise on seasonal events throughout the year.

Cost Effective

For small or new retailers, opening a traditional shop can be a daunting and financially challenging prospect. However, RMUs, pop-up shops or kiosks create great opportunities for retailers to trial their brand, products and location to a large audience before committing to a longer term and more costly investment.

Plus with low overheads and running costs, you can take advantage of existing footfall whilst keeping expenditure to a minimum, allowing you to maximise return on investment.

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